Get organised and automate your work schedule to use your time efficiently Tips to improve your productivity by time management and routine.

Time is such a valuable commodity yet most of us do not know how to use it efficiently, with all best intentions we try our best only to get nothing done at the end of the day and running out of time. What we don’t realise is we do have the time and the difference in how we use that time and how we choose to spend it.

So let me show you how you can make the most of your day with my top 10 tips to improve your productivity:


Now I know this sound obvious but list building Is a must if you want to have a productive working day.
I always get a sense of accomplishment when I tick off an item on my list, it gives me back self control and when a task is crossed off, it is out of my mind. They get you organised, they allow you to prioritise so you know where your focus should be everyday.
It’s best to create a to do list the night before as you are relaxed, not in a rush and can really take some time in organising for the next day.
Try to keep your to do list short and sweet… a very long to do list is not something which will motivate you in the morning.
The best way to tackle this is to have 3 high priority tasks or big tasks which must get done the next day and then have 5-6 less time consuming tasks.


Unless it is your job to answer all of your e-mail or phone calls, you don’t have to do it right away, put your phone on Do not disturb mode, tell your office, family and friends to not disturb you while you are working and I promise you nothing will go a miss if you stop checking your social media account every 10 minutes.
You will be amazed at how much work you will get done if you just zone it and really focus on one task.


It is very difficult to work in chaos, especially when you know you have other chores to finish or a cluttered table to work from.
If you are working from home, it’s best to make sure all household chores and done and out of the way the day before, this will make easier to focus on the task at hand without feeling the need to do laundry.
I personally take myself away from home for this reason.
My work space is my local coffee shop, it is perfect for me as I know if I was at home I would be doing the dishes ?


There are some fantastic apps and project management tool which you can use to track and optimise your work time efficiently, organise your workflow and plan ahead.
You can even put your to do list on your phone or desktop, therefore it would not get misplaced, set your phone to give out work notifications to keep you ahead of schedule and in control.
I suggest using any app or add-on you are comfortable with which will in return get your productivity score high.. that is always a bonus for me.


And by that I mean develop the habit of saying NO, it will not make you are bad person, it will not make you selfish and no it will not make you miss out on anything important.
You cannot please everyone else’s needs and finish your projects at the same time, you cannot spread yourself too thin and be happy it is just not possible because you will get run down.
Now I am not saying be rude and offend your colleagues or loved ones, just refuse politely, explain to family and friends in advance to not take it the wrong way and schedule things with them when you have finished your work.
Constant demands and interruptions will affect your productivity.


Surround yourself with people who are just as eager to reach their goals as you are. Be friends with someone you can learn something from and give something back in return. Have friends that challenge and inspire you to meet your goals… there is a saying ‘ A person is known by the company he keeps’ … This way you can motivate each other, brain storm ideas, inspire and even collaborate with each other.


By this I mean, stop doing tasks which take up too much of your precious time and does not give you the results which you desire & deserve. For example meetings!! Going to meetings that are not important and are unnecessarily time consuming will kill your productivity. It takes up a lot of time and more often than not doesn’t reach any conclusion.


It is very important to track and evaluate your work in order to optimise how much time you are spending on a task – So for example I am taking constant breaks especially when I am doing those task which are daunting and I have been dreading and I end up looking at my Facebook page or my instagram feed to get away from actually doing it. Not realising that my time would be better spent just grinding down and resisting the urge to reach for my phone, or go on numerous toilet breaks or spend my time reading numerous article in the name if research. There would be room for improvement, if you keep an eye on it and be mindful about it.


The acronym stand for SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC & TIME BOUND. Without setting yourself goals and objectives life becomes chaotic and you finding yourself drifting from one task to another and rushing around trying to get more things done without actually accomplishing anything in return. By giving yourself a SMART goal your are setting it Specifically and in a way in which you can Measure the progress on it, you are making it attainable and realistic and you will be putting a lie limit on it.


Productivity is not all get up and go and don’t stop until the job it done kinda thing… In order to be properly productive, you need to find a balance in which I mean you must invest in all aspects of your life. Exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep this aspects of life all play an internal part in productivity.
And thats a wrap!! I hope this list I have put together for you will help and motivate to be a more productive and successful version of yourself and inspires you to make some positive changes in your life.
Thanks for reading
All my best
Samia x