Hey guys,

Today I wanna tell about my favourite website platforms, so if your are starting a business or you are starting a blog, you are going to need a website.
With so many platforms out there for you to choose… how do you know which one is the right platform for you and your business?
Well I am going to break it down for you and discuss some of the several website platform I have tried and tested in regards to their user friendliness, the look and feel of them and of course their price, which will hopefully help you to make the right choice for you.
There isn’t a one size fits all solution to this, it all depends on what purpose you are using it for, what your budget is and how design orientated you want your website to be.
So without much further ado lets get started!


Now if we are talking about price WordPress can be free and not free ( confused you right?) Well what I mean by that is, that you can get a free word press template and there are many free templates to choose from, but you may need to buy some plugins to make your site function and give it the design capability you want, it all depends on your personal preference. If you want to spend a little you can do so by perusing through the many template you can purchase from theme forest and there are many!!
All ranging from design and price. If you are not very word press Savvy you can use some of the demos and just change some aspects of them to make it suit your business.
WordPress has now become pretty user friendly too, I remember ages ago when I was new to web design I was daunted by word press as there was a lot of coding involved but now that is not the case at all and even some themes like Avada has a drag and drop option which is super cool for those who are not web savvy.


The main benefit of Square space is it’s ability to look cool and fresh with the benefits of staging its product impeccably ! It is user friendly and has some beautiful, fully customisable themes. A drag and drop system which is great for the novice out there, you can easily preview what your site is going to look like and you feel like you have more handle in the design process of your website. Square space positions themselves as the website for blogs, portfolio sites and online stores.


A lot of customisation is allowed in this platform, so you can make your site very design orientated and there are a lots of themes for you to choose from. If the main purpose of your website is for e-commerce Shopify in my opinion is a good bet. I mean it was created for this purpose with lower transaction rates ! Boom!

4. WIX

This is a very user friendly platform which makes it very easy to build your website without needing to know a single line of code ! It comes with a lot of templates for you to choose from and you can also use it for e-commerce purposes. It is very beginner – friendly and is suitable for almost anything from blogs , portfolio to an online business website. It is also worth noting that once your website goes live, you cannot switch templates and you may have to spend more on third party apps to scale your website. Yet on the other hand, it is great value for money and highly intuitive and easy to use.


The benefits of Weebly is, that like Wix, it is very user friendly and you do not need to be a coding genius to use it and another plus point is that it is free! I would recommend Weebly to someone who doesn’t have a lot of design knowledge and want a very simple site up and running at the initial phase of their business. Its a drag and drop system and super easy to use and affordable. Their starter pack is free and they do have other plans which offer different design capabilities all depending on what you want your website to do.

So in conclusion, my top 2 recommendations are Squarespace and Shopify, however, they are the most expensive in this list. So when it come to you deciding on which platform is the right one for your business website, you need to think about the following factors :
  • Your budget
  • What is the purpose of your website
  • How user friendly you need your platform to be
  • Whether or not you need e-commerce
  • How design oriented you need your site to be ( how professional you need it to be )
I hope this has helped you in making a decisions for your very own business website.
All my love,
Samia xox